As this device is a navigation system there aren’t any controls for GPS, although some people created alternative skins which give more control. No facility to display a map. It has the same features as the Qstarz BT-Q , so you might want to read its reviews, to, which is also found on this page. Skip to main content. All features are fully integrated into one unit to meet the rigorous demands of consumer’s professional and personal needs. Capacity of the 4MB model is data points depending on the amount of logged details, battery capacity is around hrs. MrGPS is an high-performance, compact, robust, comprehensive application which logs GPS tracks and provides real time statistics with voice aid.

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I haven’t tried this – Bluetooth is fine for me. Colour LEDs show satellite lock, bluetooth connection and low charge. Voice controlled navigation device, suitable for the blindno display.

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Tracks stored in an internal database, can be exported to ‘. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. You can check it out here. You can charge it via mini-USB but can’t transmit data over this, as you need a special cable from Holux.

One of the free programs is POI Observer which is actually designed ho,ux display warnings when getting near a POI but also has data logging capabilities. For this I needed just two pieces gpslmi additional hardware, a LogiLink USB dongle plugged into the Pi better double check its presence running lsusb and a HC Bluetooth to serial adapter cheaply bought on ebay.


It became available for sale in May This unit was successfully used with Bluetooth-enabled laptops and Nokia N80 with only one firmware-related problem. Since it talks NMEAit works with most software, but you do have to do most of the processing on something else. The use of the GPS is holix dependent on which software is used. It is only a GPS mouse, so there is no setup or configuration.

I must say with the slick looking Windows Mobile on the Nokia Lumia phones pgslim the recent release of Icecream sandwich it’s starting to look like a viable option to jump ship. A trip meter is provided that is clearly designed for the cyclist.

ypslim I’m not sure why this is, or exactly what is happening. It shows your position on downloadable OSM maps but can also generate GPX trails and waypoints text, numbered, photo and audio.

There are a number of very nice programs for Series 60 phones e. It features a magnet, which is quite useful to put it outside your car, on the roof. The sad part is that the lock usually isn’t that good.

It is a sealed unit with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. With the Pi powered up switch on the Holux module and give it 60 seconds to look for satellites. It also has configurable alerts for speed, altitude and destinations which some people might find useful. The same card had been working fine in a digital camera so perhaps the NaviGPS is a little fussy about the formatting of the card that’s probably because the NaviGPS expects the card to be formatted without a partition table and will not use the card if it contains one.



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It’s comparatively expensive a solution, though no doubt second hand ones will start coming on the market in due course. The device has 3 LEDs: You need to remove the card and use an external card reader.

Might be the same device as Transystem i-Blue This small device works well with PCs and Mobile Phones. Everything must be in our control!

It makes a nice bleep and flashes a red light when it 2440 lock-on which is nice and reassuring.

This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat For Linux users, the Windows application appears to work OK using wine. Turning it off and back on didn’t work. MrGPS has specialized functionalities to monitor and report altitudes via visible and voice based alerts and can 20 applications to upload produced logs to your personal cloud storage. Unfortunately all SD cards in the image did not work on both two of these devices I had ordered.