Eric at August 14, I bought it because the MS ergo keyboard was waaay to wide and was causing major shoulder pain. Worth the extra for a nice Keyboard like this one. I’ve just bought a second SpaceSaver ii, for home. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. I’m assuming this magic was done at the driver level.

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IBM SpaceSaver II 37L0888 Wired Keyboard

This is ibbm big deal if you are working with the wireless variety. It replaced my UltraNav keyboard stand-alone version of the standard ThinkPad keyboardwhich I had bought on the basis of my experience with the keyboard on my Toshiba laptop. It’s built like a tank, weighs five pounds, but the keyboard action is a dream. Use a program like AutoHotKey to remap keys and add commands.

I wonder if manufacturers ever ask programmers how their keyboards should be. Also, for those of you who have a ThinkPad: Randy N at November 24, There’s something about holding the shift down that puts pressure on my pinky that is undesired.


Sun, 31 July Thank you very much – really usefull and interesting! Rick at February 5, Otherwise, I liked it a lot and found that ketboard 2 USB ports in back worked better spxcesaver the ones on the docking station.

With that said, my dream keyboard should have: A4Tech KBSRP Keyboard is an inexpensive modern keyboard with the number pad moved to the left side, but in the standard arrangement. I got two, most of the rest went to delacorp within an hour or two.

The only problemwhich is quite trivialis that its batteries run out almost every week! Number pads on the right make no sense to software developers. Has anyone found this to be a problem?

Ivan at April 7, The trackpoint feels just like trackpoints you get on IBM laptops. I need the whole trackpoint assembly that sits under the keys. But it is not a great keyboard for adults.

IBM Space Saver II Trackpoint Keyboard FRU 37l Ps2 | eBay

I thought it would never happen. Wow, I found someone who shares my opinion about the obsolete design of nearly every OEM keyboard. It was not an excellent keyboard, but it was a step in the right direction, and it opened my eyes to the issues. Alternatively, ione KBP20 wireless. However, if you are looking for a desktop keyboard with a dell-like feel, check out saitek.


I personally am undecided, currently using a slim keyboard but very fond of my old IBM M one. The link to Windows Marketplace here has a couple places that seem to sell refurbished ones. I tried the Logitech diNovo cordless desktop keyboard. The Goldtouch doesn’t have a number pad, but the arrow keys are in a convenient place. E TwentyNine on Sun, 31 July Or maybe I missed something???

Also I have been relegated to a much smaller desk so I need something smaller. Based on posts from newegg. I haven’t been able to find one.