Used for protection and time-based licensing of standalone software applications. There is also a network edition dongle called Guardant Net II. Guardant Sign is a leading edge dongle that protects software from illegal copying. The technologies implemented in Guardant Sign dongles and software enable you to create a highly complex protection system, the hacking of which will be either impossible or economically unfeasible. Pseudo-code and obfuscation of protection components. Why you need Guardant Time Guardant Time is a powerful and unique dongle that protects software from illegal copying and allows for very flexible and time-based licensing schemes. Specialized dongle with a built in high-capacity battery and real-time clock.

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At this stage it is possible to use any features of the Guardant Code dongle: The natural guagdant of data is not constant but varied, so the algorithm of loadable code performs calculations using ever-changing data provided that the algorithm has been optimally chosen and correctly implemented.

You need activate support of JavaScript and Cookies in your browser. Allows you to automatically protect applications using WinAPI or. High resistance to hacking is achieved through a secure communication protocol between the application guaedant the dongle.


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The flagship of the network dongles line. Working in HID mode without additional drivers. Error A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Cryptographic algorithms Electronic signature based on elliptic curves ECC Tools for protection of Java applications. Guardant Time is a powerful and unique dongle that protects software from illegal copying and allows for very flexible and time-based licensing schemes. Supports all features of Guardant Sign Net. Supports symmetric encryption and powerful automatic protection tools. The dongle contains hardware-implemented digital signature algorithms based on elliptic curve cryptosystems and AES encryption.

OK found the bug, can you download version 3. The dongle is built on a high-speed bit RISC processor.

How does Guardant Code work Thanks to its high-speed hardware platform, Guardant Code dongles can execute arbitrary custom code in their memory in the memory of the microcontrollerthus reliably protecting intellectual property from reverse engineering, and the application from illegal copying. The device is aimed at users of laptops, netbooks, and tablets. Therefore it cannot be enumerated by virtualhere, im not sure what else can be done, it looks like that dongle wont work Allows you to work without any additional drivers.

Versatile cross-platform API, which allows use of all the features of the dongle. The durability and reliability of protection is directly dependent on whether the protection is properly designed us implemented in the application.


Li battery 3 to 5 years of use. Developer can choose to sell a limited license, restricted to given amount of days months etc. Hashing based on GSII Online Order Where to Buy Terms.

Guardant Sign micro A miniaturized full-featured Guardant Sign dongle. One can imagine a scenario like this: Working in HID mode without additional drivers. The dongle contains bytes of protected memory, which is enough for license data storage and for the creation of several algorithms with different encryption dongles. In general, dongle-based protection works as follows: Tell guardany pls, if server does.

A miniature form-factor of a Stealth II dongle.

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New generation cross-platform USB dongle with real time clock, asymmetric cryptography, AES hardware implementation, and the ability to work without drivers. Allows you to work without any additional drivers. Thanks again, we will wait this feathure.