Autobiographical essay prompt

Semester Course Grendel by John Gardner - A critical overview, chapter-by-chapter study questions on the novel, links to John Gardner's famous letter, critical articles, and astrology references. Literary Analysis section covering five major critical stances as small

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General claim of communication essay

Part 5 Editing and Applying Final Touches 1 Take a step back. The first part is often a catchy hook that involves a pun on your topic or an impactful", and the second part is usually

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Causes for the french revolution essay

Declaration OF independence, american revolution, franklin, washington, adams, jefferson, articles OF confederation, THE constitution, federalism. The first month is "Mars, ou Princeps" (March, or First the last month is "Février, ou Duodécembre" (February, or Twelfth). Fabre d'Églantine

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Cause of noise pollution essay

cause of noise pollution essay

Noise Pollution. In a modern megalopolis, noise pollution arises from many sources, such as traffic, barking dogs, noisy neighbors, aircraft, verbal advertising in streets, and many other environmental factors merging into one sound wall. It is therefore recommended to take a sound sleep to give your body proper rest. High levels of noise can cause inaccuracy and inattentiveness, which can result in decreased productivity and additional stress. Cardiovascular Issues: Blood pressure levels, cardio-vascular disease and stress related heart problems are on the rise.

Poor Urban Planning: In most of the developing countries, poor urban planning also play a vital role. Poor urban planning has also been a major cause of noise pollution. Sleeping Disorders: Loud noise can certainly hamper your sleeping pattern and may lead to irritation and uncomfortable situations. Man plays a lot of music during social events. Noise pollution has certain effects to human health. Constant exposure to loud levels of noise can easily result in the damage of our ear drums and loss of hearing. Even if a person becomes accustomed to constant noise and thinks that it does not affect them, changes still occur. Studies show that people who have been regularly exposed to intense noise, due to the nature of their work, have decreased hearing sensibility compared to those who have worked in more quiet conditions.

Health Issues: Excessive noise pollution in working areas such as offices, construction sites, bars and even in our homes can influence psychological health. However, when the sound of the television keeps you from sleeping all night or the traffic starts to give you a headache, it stops becoming just noise and start turning into noise pollution. As they roll in their movements, they normally produce a lot of sound much of which is not required. While this form of pollution may seem harmless, it in fact has far reaching consequences. Effect on Wildlife: Wildlife faces far more problems than humans because noise pollution since they are more dependent on sound. Our environment is such that it has become difficult to escape noise. Hearing loss can be caused by the littlest noises; for example, if a child holds a squeakier toy next to his ear, this could cause hearing loss. This is a crucial point for people whose workplaces are potentially dangerous, such as construction sites or factories. Bringing them to a manageable level depends on our understanding noise pollution and how we tackle. Studies suggest that high intensity noise causes high blood pressure and increases heart beat rate as it disrupts the normal blood flow. One of the most obvious negative consequences of prolonged exposure to noise is hearing loss. A person may get used to perceiving these sounds and ignore them, but on a subconscious level, such constant noise exposure has a significant effect.

The Effects of Noise Pollution, have you ever considered that several of the noises you hear are noise pollution? It can create a lot of trouble and will most likely not allow two individuals to have free communication. Loud music, the television, people talking on their phone, the traffic and even pets barking in the middle of the night.